500th post

I figured I should probably use this as an opportunity to thank my few followers for, well, following this rather boring and not-so-special blog of mine. Love you guys.

Have some facts about me.

- I have a rather bad sense of smell
- my knees don’t look like other people’s knees
- I haven’t gotten my hair cut for probably four years (I occasionally cut some stuff on my own)
- I maintain a small but fine collection of foreign beer bottles and constantly add stuff
- I have never left central Europe
- I failed at autodidactically learning how to play the guitar because I became incredibly demotivated by constantly tuning and restringing shit
- I used to cry about pretty much every little monkey shit until I was 12 years old
- my favorite topic to talk about after having a couple of drinks or consumption of other goods is anything space-related, including aliens and stuff, because it’s such an unbelievably large and interesting topic and it never ever gets boring.
- I lived in three different areas of Germany and therefore speak a rather random dialect
- I automatically translate stuff into English in my mind while watching German TV
- I eat most of vegetables but prefer them not to be cooked
- I have serious trouble naming an attractive woman off the top of my head
- I have serious trouble naming anything I like when I’m asked about it
- I constantly rant about public transport but don’t have a driving licence. I don’t intend to obtain one either
- my views concerning relationships are probably way too romantic for actual conditions
- I got a brick and a metal door thrown/smashed against my forehead and therefore have Potter-esque scars there. Not really visible anymore but you can feel them pretty well.
- the first album I bought from my own money is probably “The Eminem Show”
- I had several people telling me that I have a pure heart
- I do not have a facebook or twitter account but like to have an overview of stuff that I consumed, so you can find me on last.fm and shelfari.com
- I’d like to spend some time of my life living in countries like the USA, Canada or Japan.
- I prefer bars and benches to clubs and discos
- I don’t like coffee
- I do not remember this year’s New Year’s Eve
- my favorite fictional characters are named "The Rat"
- whenever I see someone in the city who is obviously not from Germany and probably looking for directions I immediatly approach them and offer my help to avail myself of the opportunity to speak English
- I often am the only person in my circle of friends who takes photos and videos of our get-togethers, and this makes me extremely sad because I really love going through old memories and stuff

And I listened to Nine Inch Nails while I wrote this. I’m likely to add some more facts after the next 500 postings (not that anyone cared), so let’s get to work! :)